Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well one holiday down... one to go. Thanksgiving went well, it was nice to see my mom and grandparents... and my sister of course. Clint got frustrated for no reason at all... the worry wart that he is, dinner was of course perfect. I FINALLY learned how to make my mom's pumpkin pie... and mmmmmmm yep made another one on monday... and it might be gone. It's my favorite thing in the world and Kierstyn has taken a liking to it as well. She's learned that when I have a piece she can come get bites of it. Then she mooches for more until it's gone. It's unbeilivably adorable.

This week has been relaxing, very much needed. We've decided that we're not going to plan anything this weekend. Just kind of go with the flow. Hopefully nothing too exciting happens. I'm longing for a weekend off.

Jess, Laura and I had girls night last night. Spinach dip and talking for 3 hours... now that's a great time. I missed Jess over the holidays lol I think I was going through withdraw. Kierstyn has started to refuse to eat baby food and only eat adult food... since she got a taste of a real Thanksgiving dinner. Oh well, I suppose now I'll have to make mac and cheese and jelly sandwiches. She really does love her crackers though.

I've been reading the O'Mally series again by Dee Henderson...I'd forgotten how great the books are! They're predictable and the story is the same with different details in each book...but they keep your attention and have great Bible versus in them!

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simplesophistication87 said...

I read those books too! they're great!
Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :)