Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things...

well first post of the new year! Wow I've been slacking lol this one isn't super profound... but I thought I'd start the new year off with some fun (Stole this from facebook btw lol)! So feel free to do it yourself once you've read mine!

25 Things...
1.) I had my first taste of alcohol at 14... black velvet whiskey and zimas and sangria (not mixed together) and surprisingly, I didn't puke.
2.) Whenever I broke up with a serious boyfriend, I moved out of the state.
3.) I drink milk like it's going out of style
4.) I have a serious addiction with all things Twilight related
5.) I read at an average of 75 pages per hour (yes I realize I'm a nerd for knowing that lol)
6.) I bought my wedding dress 1 week before I found out I was pregnant.
7.) I always told myself I would get married barefoot... so I got married barefoot in my living room
8.) I dance around my house like a little kid just to see my daughter laugh
9.) I cry at little things like songs, commercials and movies
10.) I don't like feeling out of control of a situation.
11.) I have only dyed my hair twice in my life (once black, once red)
12.) I'm REALLY bad at remembering people's names... but I'm VERY good at remembering voices and most of the time faces.
13.) One of my long term goals is to learn how to play the piano
14.) I never was able to get along with a roommate until I got married.
15.) I have broken 3 apartment leases, and only finished 2.
16.) I let Kierstyn play in her "food" cabinet even though I know it drives Clint nuts
17.) I have a daughter that is extremely well behaved and only cries when she needs something
18.) My sister is one of my best friends
19.) Red wine gives me a migraine
20.) I have serious issues with crowded places, I hyperventilate when there are too many people
21.) I didn't get my license until 5 days b4 I turned 17 simply b/c I was lazy...but I wanted to say I got my license at 16
22.) I won't erase Another Cinderella Story off my DVR b/c I think it's adorable
23.) I wake up in a good mood everyday b/c I know I get to spend the day playing with my baby
24.) Before I go someplace new I familiarize myself for 2 days so I know step by step where to go and what to do
25.) I was terrified of heights until I jumped out of an airplane.

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