Thursday, November 6, 2008

The perfect housewife

I grew up in a home where we had no chores, didn't have to make our beds and had no responsibility other than to play. As a result, our house was always a disaster area,the laundry was never done, and you could only find the floor of my room if you were in a submarine (I must add that the kitchen was always pristine and completely sanitary, it was the only room in the house that was like this). I'm completely positive the disaster area that was a house had a great deal to do with the demise of my parent's marriage. Don't get me wrong, my parents were wonderful! The reason our house was in such disarray was because my mother thought that spending time with my brother, sister and I was much more important than housework.

Growing up in the manner that I did, taught me to be messy and lazy. So when I got married (to a clean freak) I knew I was going to have to change, and so I did. Today my house is completely clean. You can practically eat off the floor (wh/reminds me I need to mop) and I have no qualms with Kierstyn rolling around on our carpet. My parents are absolutely shocked (In a good way, I am happy to report that both my parents live in complete organization now) that this is how I keep my house b/c of the way I was growing up.

All in all, I strive to be the perfect housewife... sometimes I slip but I like to think that generally speaking I do my very best.

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